Zambian politicians are difficult to reconcile – Matale

Suzanne Matale
Suzanne Matale

The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) says it is very difficult to help politicians reconcile in Zambia because they do not take advice from the church.
CCZ General Secretary Reverend Suzanne Matale says the church is however ready to help political parties resolve their differences.


Reverend Matale tells QFM News that Zambia needs a leadership that listens to the church and other key stakeholders.
She says on most occasions the church has tried to guide politicians, they have responded by asking members of the clergy to stay out of politics even when they know that the church is instrumental in guiding the nation on various issues.


She notes the need for politicians to learn to heed to counsel given to them by concerned stakeholders.
Reverend Matale has since welcomed this year’s Independence theme: “Laying a Foundation for a Smart Zambia, finding forgiveness, repentance, compassion and love in God” saying it might help in uniting the nation.