Kitwe man defiles his brother’s daughter

End Violence Against Women and Girls Now
End Violence Against Women and Girls Now

A 41 YEAR-OLD man of Kitwe is appearing before the court for defiling his older brother’s daughter. In this case, Andrew Njovu stands charged with defilement contrary to the Laws of Zambia. It is alleged that Njovu on unknown dates between April 2015 and June 14, 2015 had unlawful carnal knowledge of a girl under the age of 16. According to records on the case, the girl was picked by her brother to go to Buchi for holiday.


“I was taken to Buchi by my elder brother. At Buchi, I was sleeping in the sitting room on the floor. While sleeping, my uncle (Andrew) came. He came to me; he slept on top of me naked. I was not naked. I slept in my clothes. Later, he removed my dress and underwear. Then he inserted a hard stick into my private parts,” she testified.


“I felt the pain and when he finished, he went back to his bedroom. He threatened to beat me up if I told any one about what he did to me.” It is further reported that Andrew revealed to his sister that he had defiled the girl and that she (the suspect’s sister) started administering medication on the victim’s private parts.



“My uncle was not there when my aunt was applying medicine which looked like Vaseline on me,” the girl told court. When the matter came up for trial on Monday, the girl’s aunt who was alleged to have been administering medication on the victim was reported to be sick and was not available to give testimony. Magistrate Ruth Kapulo adjourned the matter to September 14 for continuation of trial.


  1. Why can’t she shout for help and how old is she any way the man deserve shaliya law because jail masiku wano ka wakabwerako bt wapayidwe chabe

  2. He was undressing her, why did she not shout for help? anyway the man is a fool.