Kabimba is a dictator, he should not be allowed anywhere near power

Wynter M. Kabimba with Pathfinders Camporee in Livingstone
Wynter M. Kabimba with Pathfinders Camporee in Livingstone

WYNTER Kabimba is a dictator who should not be allowed to be anywhere near power because he has a propensity of abusing authority and could easily destroy the country democracy, former Rainbow Party Lusaka district secretary Peter Sakala has said.


Mr Sakala said Mr Kabimba was not only a self-centered man but was egocentric and dogmatic in his kind of political administration and governance.


He told the Daily Nation after leading defectors from Rainbow Party to the UPND yesterday, that Mr. Kabimba should not be allowed to be president of Zambia because he was bitter and wanted power at all cost.


Mr Sakala warned that Zambians should remember the attitude Mr Kabimba exhibited when he was made to act as president when late president Michael Sata traveled to Israel.


“Mr. Kabimba should not be allowed to come close to power and it will be a dangerous mistake for Zambians to think that Mr Kabimba could govern this country. He is a dictator. He preaches about things he cannot do himself or believe in. He has been talking about ideologies that are associated with tyrants and that is why he refuses to be challenged,” said Mr. Sakala.


Another senior official Brian Munkonge who defected to the UPND said the Rainbow Party and Mr. Kabimba were too raw to govern the nation which he said had complex economic and political problems.
He said Zambia was not for leaders like Mr. Kabimba to sort out the problems the nation was facing because their agenda was against the principals of democracy.


“Mr Kabimba is too much of theories. They are dictators and they do not believe in democracy. Voting for them next year will be taking the country back to the dreaded days of dictatorship and hegemonic kind of governance. We need a government or a leadership which has respect for the people and Mr Kabimba does not have such attributes,” Mr. Munkonge said.


He said the Rainbow Party was a divided house and was cracking because of the dictatorial tendencies Mr Kabimba’s executive had exhibited since the formation of the party.
Other people who defected to the UPND are PF Chainda ward councillor Given Lwenshi and former MMD parliamentary candidate for Munali Marjory Masiye.