‘He didn’t pay for sex, we stole his car’

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A 26-YEAR-OLD man narrated before a Chingola magistrates court how he was asked to conspire with a woman who was not paid for offering sex to another man at Nchanga Hotel.
Victor Muyutu, of T10 Lubengele township in Chililabombwe, was testifying after he pleaded guilty to theft of a motor vehicle before senior resident magistrate Davies Chibwili.
He is alleged to have stolen a Toyota Corolla, registration number ACZ 6476, worth K45,000 from Kondwani Kanuka.



Muyutu told the court that on the day in question, he went to Nchanga Hotel where he found Mr Kanuka being harassed by a woman for alleged failure to pay for the sex he had with her. He told the court that he came to the rescue of the complainant.
“After I helped the man, he told me to massage his back because he was tired and I applied first aid on him and left. When I went to VIP night club, the same woman approached me and said the man had money and I should go into his room to steal his wallet.



“I entered the room which was not locked. I found a man and woman both naked and they did not see me. I did not know if it is the same man I rescued, but I just took his wallet and left the room,” Muyutu said.
He said when the woman opened the wallet; she only found documents and car keys.
“She told me to open the car and search for money, but I did not find any, so I decided to go with the car. I wanted to use it to travel to Lusaka but I was arrested at Kafue checkpoint,” Muyutu said.
When the State made an application to the court to have the vehicle returned to the owner, the accused opposed the application.


“Your honour, since the vehicle is a bit damaged, I want to work on it because I am a technician. So I am opposing the application,” he objected.
Mr Chibwili questioned Muyutu’s relatives if he was mentally stable and his brother-in-law responded that he was mentally disturbed.
“This is a serious offence and I will not proceed until I receive a report from the psychiatric on his mental state. I will therefore adjourn this matter,” magistrate Chibwili said.
The matter was adjourned to September 16 this year.