Woman claims pregnancy 2 days into relationship


A Harare man last week dragged his girlfriend, Diana Masosa to the Civil Magistrates Court seeking to evict her from his house after she claimed to be pregnant, only two days after they entered into a relationship.


A distraught, Daniel Mapurisa, whose application for eviction was dismissed by magistrate Barbara Mateko on Thursday last week, told the court he was certain he could not have impregnated Masosa because he had only been in love with her for less than a week before she eloped to live with him.

“After five days, the girls’ uncles forcibly left her at my house after she told them that I had impregnated her.”



Mapurisa also told the court Masosa was in the habit of burning traditional herbs in their home.

Mateko, however, said the civil court could not grant him an eviction order, but instead referred them to the Victim Friendly Unit for counselling.

Meanwhile, Norman Chitungo from Kuwadzana has been granted a protection order against his 30-year-old son, Cephas Chitungo, whom he accused of being violent and withholding title deeds to the family’s house.


The court heard Chitungo had given the documents to his son for safekeeping after he married another wife.

In his defence, Chitungo’s son told the court that he withheld the documents after his father threatened to sell the house. The court, however, dismissed his evidence.



  1. As long as u are not on self days and u have anprotected sex…even 3 minutes act u can be pragnate. …

  2. if they had unprotectd sex in thoz 2 days it cn b posible no doubt paliko chodabwisa apa? aaah kuwayawayafye