‘More investors prefer Zambia’

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MOST investors still prefer to invest in Zambia because the risks are minimal compared to other countries despite the current depreciation of the Kwacha, an investment and financial advisory firm notes.
Ferngroove Group of Companies managing partner Rufus Kagira said the volatility of the local currency has had an effect on the investment inflows in the country but, investors still choose to invest in Zambia because of the peace.


Dr Kagira said in an interview recently that because of the peace Zambia is enjoying since independence, investors are assured of earning the benefits of their investments.
“The continued volatility of almost all the currencies and the Kwacha has had an effect on investment inflows but, we should also bear in mind with its effects, if you are to compare the risks in the Zambian economy and outside, the majority of investors tend to find Zambia as a preferable place to bring their investment.


“My advice to investors planning to invest in Zambia is that one of the key elements they will find is the peace since independence and investors are guaranteed of reaping the benefit of their investments,” he said.
On investment inflows in the first half of 2015, Dr Kagira said the country witnessed several investors showing interest to invest in various sectors and it is expected to continue in the second half.
Dr Kagira called on Government to look at the interest rates and check the exchange rate so that more investors are attracted to come and invest.


He, however, said local investors have been the major players in the first half of the year and in turn have attracted foreign investment to come into the country by injecting foreign direct capital in projects in various sectors.
Dr Kagira said most foreign investment has been attracted through working in partnership with the local ventures.