Mazabuka resident sues AG, Police over wrongful arrest

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A RESIDENT of Mazabuka has sued the Zambia Police for wrongful detention after he was allegedly handcuffed and bundled into a Police vehicle while naked.


Stanley Haakoma has also sued the Attorney General on allegations that he was battered by two police officers for no apparent reason.
Mr Haakoma has asked the Lusaka High Court to order the Zambia Police and the Attorney General to compensate him for the injuries sustained at the hands of the Police officers.



He wants the court to order that he be paid K42,000 as money he lost in his shop when the officers allegedly broke down his shop at night and pulled him out before bundling him into the Police car.
Mr Haakoma further wanted the Police to be ordered to pay him K2,000 as money from the total K4,079 which was in his trousers before the officers allegedly stripped him naked.


He is also demanding damages for the personal injuries sustained and loss caused by the negligence of the officers.
Mr Haakoma alleged in his writ of summons that on July 18, this year around 01:00 hours he was awakened by two Police officers who broke down the door and padlock to his shop where he was sleeping at the time.



Mr Haakoma said the officers beat him and tore his clothes and stripped him naked, handcuffed him and threw him in the back of a police vehicle.



He said that while in the back of the vehicle he was made to lay down while the officers were stomping and stepping on his chest and legs leading to him sustaining injuries to his right leg.
Mr Haakoma alleged that at the Police station, the officers demanded for K200 for the clothes they offered him but he refused to pay.



He said he was unlawfully arrested and kept in the Police cells from July 18 to July 21, 2015 before being released on bail after being charged with malicious damage to property which he pleaded not guilty.
Mr Haakoma submitted that as a result of the manner in which the police officers conducted themselves towards him he suffered damages and loss.