Masebo must resign-PF

Sylvia Masebo
Sylvia Masebo

THE Patriotic Front (PF) in Chongwe has called on its member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo to resign from the party.


PF Chongwe constituency chairperson Oliver Kachepa said in a statement released in Lusaka, said it is sad that Ms Masebo is allegedly bringing the name of President Lungu and the party into ridicule.
Mr Kachepa was reacting to a newspaper article in which Ms Masebo is quoted ridiculing the PF.


“What interest does Masebo have in certain officers to complain when people are transferred? It’s a pity that Masebo does not understand that transfers are done in various institutions and not by cadres,’’ he said.
Mr Kachepa alleged that Masebo is a bitter woman that President Lungu who she campaigned against in the run up to January 20 presidential elections is now President of Zambia.



He advised Ms Masebo to concentrate on developmental matters and not petty issues.
Mr Kachepa said the Chongwe law-maker needs to address the challenges which people in her constituency are facing such as water problems, bad roads that need to be tarred, and construction of a modern market which has stalled.




  1. Masebo shud pack her bags & leave PF in peace or else she will leave in pieces. I wonder why she likes changing parties like pants.

  2. dorika nda ifulila you woman think you are special you are nothing and you’ll regret ever insulting the president who is your father.if you like insults go and insult mother and your father at that fluffy village who doesn’t know you and no one will adopt you in PF next year just resign we don’t want women labels.

  3. Yes she should do so how can someboby insulting the parents in the evening u come nd eat the food of those u are insulting?

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