I have a high sexual appetite, will go for prostitutes soon

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A SEXUALLY-STARVED Lusaka husband has complained that he cannot continue in a sexless marriage when he has a high sexual appetite which needs to be met by his wife.

Abel Chayanga, 31, of Chazanga township who was in the Matero local court, said he fears he will turn to prostitutes for sexual relief because his wife Gift Mulenga, 25 of Chunga township has been denying him his conjugal rights for the past three years libido


Chayanga told senior court magistrate Pauline Newa that he would wish the marriage is dissolved so that he finds someone else to satisfy his sexual needs than cheat on his wife.


But Mulenga complained that she cannot keep up with Chayanga’s insatiable sexual appetite.
Chayanga was testifying in a case in which he sued his wife Mulenga for divorce. The two got married in 2011 and have two children together although the bride price was not paid.


He also complained that although she refuses to be intimate with him, she is the first one to pull his manhood during an argument.
“She refuses to make love yet she rushes to pull my manhood when we are arguing. She even threatens to chop it off. I am tired of taking cold showers to relief myself when I am a married man,” he said.


Chayanga said he only had sexual relations with his wife after she received the summons to appear in court for divorce.
“Thanks to the court summons, I had sexual relations with my wife three days in a row before coming to court. She has been inviting me to bed as early as 19:00hrs. But even if she did that, I still want a divorce,” he said.


Mulenga said it is difficult to satisfy Chayanga because he is extremely demanding in bed. She complained that she is usually exhausted from fulfilling his needs every time she tries to be a good and submissive wife.


“Sometimes, I am just not in the mood but he will not understand and instead issue threats that he will go and get it elsewhere. So why should I be submissive to a man who I know is having sexual relations outside our matrimonial home?” she asked.


Passing judgement, the court granted divorce and ordered Chayanga to pay Mulenga K10,000 as compensation with an initial payment of K1,000 by the month-end to be followed by monthly instalments of K500. He was also ordered to pay K300 monthly as child maintenance.




  1. Ati he is tired of cold water every time he is horny, who is acceptg ths lie? No man has entered cold water to cool down sex bt the hand does it all.ba court you are genious coz ths man is a lier.

  2. Very shameful MWe we are tired of their sexual stories I wonder what really happens there for sure