Being a second wife is tough, I am living hell

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

AS A way of seeking revenge on her husband for marrying a second wife, a woman of Kitwe has decided to make life for the new wife a living hell.


A visibly-emotional Treza Kunda narrated in the Buchi Local Court how her husband’s first wife Precious Mwewa has made a habit of hurling insults at her and calling her a prostitute each time the two meet in public places.


Kunda said was narrating before senior local court magistrate Elizabeth Banda in a case in which she sued Mwewa for defamation.
But Mwewa told the court that she was not aware that her husband Simon Chali has a new wife.
Kunda told the court that one day Mwewa went to her house where she found Chali.


“She then started insulting me, calling me a prostitute. She threw my household property everywhere and broke things in my house. The other time, she met me at Kamitondo Primary School and spat at me and called me a prostitute,” she said.


But Mwewa told the court that her husband never informed her that he had a second wife. She complained that her husband was rarely at home and usually works late.
“There was a day he came home from work, only to tell me he was going back again. I followed him discreetly until he reached Kunda’s house. That’s the reason I entered her house; I had to see for myself who he had gone to see,” she said.


She said her husband usually disappears from her home for three months.
And Chali admitted in court that both Kunda and Mwewa are his wives.
The court adjourned the case for judgement.


  1. let it oso be a lesson to other home breakers hw do u expect to leave in peace whn u ve takn wat is not yors.