Natural products that protect the body for HIV+ people

Have you tested HIV Positive, AHF Zambia offers advice
Have you tested HIV Positive, AHF Zambia offers advice

MILLIONS of people don’t know their HIV status. But whatever the status, Mother Nature has got their backs. This book reveals latest scientific evidence of alert natural products that protect the body from HIV and AIDS-related infections like skin diseases, sexually transmitted infections, oral diseases, tuberculosis and malaria.


Written for laypersons and academics, the book also provides a new insight into the experimental data of plants and other natural agents that stop HIV entry or proliferation, halt the body’s progression to AIDS and make HIV a benign and chronic infection.
Of course, HIV kills millions of people. But it’s killing the ignorant, people that don’t know Mother Nature’s secret pharmacy of anti- HIV agents.


In Green Medicines, author Prof. Kazhila C. Chinsembu, Ph.D., puts you in the know and lets you into the storeroom of medicinal plants and other natural agents that stop HIV/AIDS in its tracks, without having to experience the dangerous side effects, toxicity, resistance and treatment failure of synthetic drugs.


We cannot ignore the achievements of the pharmaceutical drug manufacturing industry and the advances of modern-day medicine. But the proliferation of drug-resistant microbes makes patients appreciate the power of natural products. Thus, over 55 percent of synthetic drugs are derived from natural products.



With some hindsight and reflection, this book reminds us that plants and HIV are so readily and naturally at war with each other. The co-evolution of medicinal plants and HIV infection has been an antagonistic process, nothing near an amicable coexistence. For ages, plants have devoted their chemical ingredients to the fight against infectious agents and diseases, including HIV/AIDS.


So, let us get this straight: HIV carries distinctive molecular signatures that are naturally thwarted by many chemical anti- HIV agents in medicinal plants. Over the most recent evolutionary past, the anti-HIV capabilities of medicinal plants have increased dramatically. If there is a long-term remedy for HIV/AIDS, it must lie in nature’s abundant endowment to humans: Potent antimicrobial plants and other natural products.


But it is a hyperbole, a mistake, to expect that all plants and natural products of all hues are safe to use as medicines even if they are advertised by persuasive marketers. In fact, some plant products are much more dangerous and can kill better and faster than synthetic poisons.
So, in today’s world of pharmaceutical drugs, humanity has a complicated relationship with natural products. For HIV/AIDS, the human-herbal relationship is even more complicated now in this era of antiretroviral therapy. As flattering as these natural products may seem, their medicinal efficacies are incredible and credible enough to pull humankind out of the mire of HIV/AIDS. The best is yet to come.
This is not the first work on natural products. But this book will draw the curiosity of the global community to Mother Nature’s little-known anti-HIV and anti-AIDS medicinal agents. Putting it succinctly, the natural medicinal agents in this book will become the staple for those that live with HIV infection and those that suffer AIDS complications.


Use of natural remedies therefore comes with real perks for HIV/AIDS. Unfortunately, in this thriving era of antiretroviral therapy-never mind its myriad challenges, administration of natural products for managing HIV/AIDS is an awfully endangered practice, often downplayed and overly criticised as dumb or mediocre.
The author is associate professor of microbiology and molecular biology at the University of Namibia and honorary professor of public health at the University of Lusaka.