I feel sorry for Lungu, I am sure he misses Sata- Tayali

Chilufya Tayali
Chilufya Tayali

Honestly speaking, thinking of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu today, I sympathize with him. The political and economical pressure is really high and I am sure he misses Sata.


This man must be going through serious difficulties (if he is not just drinking heavily at night because many people with stress do that) because certainly it is not his intention that things should be so bad.


Lets be fair to the man, Lungu has found himself as President at the time when the garden of problem is blossoming. The man did not bring this to Zambia.

The Country is at a verge of revolting at against this man. The loadshedding has affected everyone in all sectors. It is like an airborne plague.



When Power goes, water also goes, just making life in households, hotels, industries, schools, hospitals, etc unbearable. And it is all on Lungu.

Now we have junior Doctors on strike. UNZA lecturers are also up in arms while students are rioting. Clearing agents were also protesting yesterday in Chirundu.

Suppliers to Government are also holding back due to lack of money. FRA has to look for money to buy maize from farmers.



Worse of all, Edgar Lungu is surrounded by many corrupt people who are not interested in spending sleepless nights with him to sort out the mess. They are more interested in making money for themselves from the Chines. Sata was very right to call his ministers useless, which included Edgar then.

However, he is now on top, he needs true friends and dedicated Ministers and aides to put things back on truck. I know some treacherous ministers are actually happy that things are this bad because of their Presidential ambitions. I know some of them no doubt.


The opposition are also hovering around like vultures waiting for him to fall so that they can pick the sweet mantle of power to also enjoy while the poor Zambians get thinner and die out of the situation.

Who has the solution to these problems? I am not interested in power but I want solutions and we have dedicated ourselves these days to analyses how we got here and give possible solutions not just blaming Lungu, though he should have also known better than just rushing to become President because his vulture friends wanted him there so that they can fatten themselves. He further went on to make a mistake of embracing them (poor man).



Anyway, it is time to look for solutions not just blame this man, I think he is just a sacrificial lamb, innocent and at times naive about those who surround him.

My immediate advise to President Lungu is to take a retreat, think abotu many things, consult neutral people, meet International community and have a deep personal prayer not with some of these fake clergy men who will give him fake scriptures. He needs a good spiritual man. He need to be selfless and let God lead him not RB.

Chilufya Tayali


  1. Ba Tayali u are the most useless arm chair critic I have come across. Any people like u also contribute to see the world go round otherwise it would have been boring I guess.