No amount of intimidation by the Police will stop me – GBM

Kasama Police station
Kasama Police station

Today I have been to Kasama Police station to answer to a call out that was issued to me yesterday with regard the alleged unlawful assembly that led to an attempt to arrest me.

I had a chat with the Divisional command led by Mr Lackson Sakala, Acting,Commissioner of Police for the Province. The Police admitted that they were working on allegation that I was addressing the public without a Police permit. I told them I was meeting people and doing some shopping and this did not constitute a public meeting.


I urged them to carry out their duties professionally and not become PF Police but Zambia Police and not take a partisan stand, but perform their mandate as enshrined.

I also wish to take this opportunity to refute claims by the Officer Commanding, Mr Sakala, suggesting that I had gone into hiding and run away from Kasama, it was a blatant lie and I am sure he made that statement out of frustration and anger and it was made to appease Edgar and to keep his job. I wish to reiterate that at no time have I been a coward and will never be a coward and no amount of intimidation by the Police will stop me from speaking for the people of Zambia.


Edgar should just continue to address the issue of the falling Kwacha, which has hit its lowest in the history of Zambia and the falling economy, to mention a few, the load shedding and non payment of retires and farmers.

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba – GBM


  1. GBM, hard times awaits you if you choose to go against the state machinery. Its too big and it can make you remorse. Pride comes before the fall. Be careful, time in memorial I have seen the mighty ones resized by the state machinery, it’s world over same but more so in third world countries, and particularly in Africa. In Zambia, KK, FTJ, LPM, RB, MCS, all of them bruised some folks. ECL can also bruise some, it’s possible and even eminent, given carelessness in our political opposition practices. I wouldn’t like you to be cought up in such a web.

  2. U ar the waste asset for Bembas. let EL continue developmental programs. Ba GBM jst continue doing yor business coz that’s yor way not becoming a president u never b.