KCM still consulting State on copper concentrates

Konkola copper mines - KCM -lusakavoice.com 2014
Konkola copper mines - KCM -lusakavoice.com 2014

KONKOLA Copper Mine (KCM) says the ongoing discussions with Government on how best to process the imported 5,000 metric tonnes of copper concentrates from Chile without causing harm to both the human life and environment is progressing well.


The imported copper concentrates contain arsenic which is a substance found in copper which is said to have a long term effect on humans and the environment when it is not handled properly.
But, KCM chief executive officer Steven Din said the company has been holding meetings with Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Development and the Ministry of Lands, Natural Resources and Environment Protection on how best it can process the copper concentrates.


“So far, we have had meetings with the two ministries and our meetings have been progressing on very well,” Mr Din said in an interview on Saturday.
He said the Chile mining industry has been processing the copper without harming the environment and humans hence the trend is similar in all mining firms to best handle the processing of copper which contains arsenic substance.



Mr Din said, “It’s just like the way you dilute Mazoe drink, you have to measure the water you are supposed to put in or mix with the concentrated Mazoe.”
He said KCM will be blending the imported copper concentrates with the local product to come up with a final product using its qualified experts who understand mining activities in terms of processing of copper.
Mr Din reiterated KCM’s commit to continue contributing to the growth of the mining sector in Zambia that will result in economic growth of the country.