Invitation : Global Africa Diaspora Summit 11: Washington, DC: Oct 8-11 2015

Global African Diaspora Summit
Global African Diaspora Summit
Formal Invitation: Society of Zambian Associations // Global Africa Diaspora Summit 11: Washington, DC: Oct 8-11 2015.
Dear  Members of the Zambia Diaspora: 
On behalf of the African Union Economic, Social and Cultural Council (AU ECOSOCC)  on Diaspora Relations, we cordially invite your participation in the Global Africa Diaspora Summit 2015 (GADS 11). This invitation is also extended to members of your association. The theme of  GADS 11 is:Solutions from Within. 
The four-day program with sub themes will take place on  October 8-11, 2015 in Washington, DC and Baltimore City in partnership with Historical Black Universities. Participation in all General Assembly, Plenary, and Cluster Braintrust Sessions is free. 
The  Summit will be chaired by the Presiding Officer of  the African Union Economic, Social and Cultural Council (AU ECOSOCC), the Honorable Dr. Chilengi, with members of the Secretariat of the African Union Commission, and the AU Citizens and Diaspora Organizations (AU CIDO).
GADS 11 is a sequel to the Global Africa Diaspora Summit hosted by the South African government and African Heads of State on May 25, 2012 in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa. 
Global Africa Diaspora Summit in South Africa. Excerpts of Speech by President Zuma
Global Africa Diaspora Summit in South Africa. Excerpts of Speech by President Zuma

Please see the Declaration of the Global Africa Diaspora Summit 2012, which is included in this eNewsletter at the end of the mail.
GADS11 is premised on the implementations of the Declarations of the Global Africa Diaspora Summit 2015. The Summit will bring together an array of civil society organizations and stakeholders, public officials, AU representatives, and external multilateral partners to assess accomplishments and address framework for indigenous self-reliant developments. The outcomes  will be submitted  to the Executive Council and General Assembly of the Heads of State through AU ECOSOCC, which is uniquely mandated to engage stakeholders in every facet of African development. 

In addition to the plenary sessions and workshops, the accomplishments of respective  organizations, through developments in the private sector in Africa, will be complied and documented.  This information from Hometown, Professional and Alumni  Associations  and Africa Diaspora Civil Society Organizations would be  used to create a clearinghouse of functional organizations. The multifaceted data would enable ready access to  information; facilitate the engagement of stakeholders in capacity building; provide researched information on the contributions of Africa Diaspora in Africa’s development; help in identifying best practices; and serve as a reliable source to  match development needs with available organizational and professional expertise. The database will be continuously updated.
GADS 11 will also address streamlining of AU core processes  to promote equitable engagements of Diaspora stakeholders;  delivery of AU  information  to ensure  its timeliness and reliability; harmonizing the implementation of AU Diaspora policies and programs in a cost-effective manner while ensuring high quality stakeholder services; and collaboration with external institutions in ways that prioritize the involvement of stakeholders in outcomes.
The African Union declared 2015 as the  Year of Women Empowerment and Development. Accordingly, Exhibits and the Global Africa Diaspora Gala will  pay tribute to the African Woman, illuminating her resilience and brilliance over the eras and in shaping the Africa We Want.  The Gala will also honor the Conference of Black Mayors.  This is an optional event organized at the margins of the Summit to promote focus on the role of African Women in development.
Organizations and individuals may identify areas of interests, sponsorship or patronage during the four-day program.  The outcomes  of GADS 11 will be submitted  to the Executive Council and General Assembly of the Heads of State through AU ECOSOCC, which is uniquely mandated to engage stakeholders in every facet of African development.
More information on the function of AU ECOSOCC, as a unique organ of the African Union, can be found in  AU ORGAN
The 2015 chronological sessions of AU ECOSOCC are  highlighted at the end of this edition of the Diaspora Dispatch e-Newsletter: ECOSOCC Sessions
In order to plan and execute a successful program and realize the objectives,  we hope your organization can respond by September 10, 2015 to indicate how it wishes to participate. The program outline is included in this mail. 
We look forward to your response and a mutual working relationship between Zambian organizationsindividual stakeholders. 
Evelyn Joe
Special Adviser on Diaspora Relations
African Union Economic, Social, Economic and Cultural Council

Thursday, October 8 th  2015

5:30pm to 9:00pm
Venue: African Embassy
Welcome Reception for the Presiding Officer of the African Union Economic, Social, and Social Council, the  Honorable Dr. Joseph Chilengi, the African Union Commission Secretariat. Invitations are sent to embers of the African and Caribbean Diplomatic Corps,  representatives of participating organizations, and external partners.
Wine and Dine Africa:
Hosted in partnership  Africa Diaspora ” Artreprenuers.” Theme Presentation The Rhythm People:    Preserving and Promoting the African Identity.”  by     Kim Poole   of the Africa Diaspora Arts and Culture Cluster and Rufus Stevenson,  former US Diplomat and Cultural Evangelist
Film Screening    “Heart beat of a Global Cultural Economy “        & Panel Discussion (M.K. Asante, Ava Duverney, Marimba Ani, Haile Gerima, Shanda Rhimes.)

Friday, October 9    th  2015

9:00am – 4:00pm
Venue: University of Baltimore
9:00am – 12:30noon
Plenary Discussions: Core Cooperations; African Identity in the Diaspora
Lunch Break: 12 :30 noon to 1:30pm
1:45 pm to 4:40pm.
             Breakout Cluster Sessions:    Solutions  and Implementations.
8:30pm to 11:30pm
Africa’s Influence on the Globe:
Theme: The Strength of Diversity in One Identity.
Artistic Talents
Appreciation of African American Valor 
Miss African Union  Diaspora  Association with Thread to Change and Empower:
  AGOA on the Runway.
Ticket: $35.00
This event is optional for interested organizations, individuals, guests, patrons.
Saturday October 10th, 2014
9:00am – 12:300 noon
Venue: University of the Baltimore
Plenary Discussions:
Lunch Break: 12:30pm to 1:30pm
1:40pm to 4:40pm
Cluster Breakout Sessions:    Solutions and Implementations