Chinese firm to create 3 000 jobs

Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao
Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao

A Chinese company is set to employ over 3-thousand Zambians in the installation and maintenance of over 2-thousand solar powered mini milling plants across the country.



Shandong Deijan Group Limited Country General Manager Huang Meng has told ZNBC News in Lusaka that the company will also set up a centre for training locals in the operations and maintenance of the milling plants under the Presidential Milling Initiative.

Mr. Huang has told ZNBC news in Lusaka that the company will only bring in experts to train locals who will be solely responsible for installation and maintenance of the equipment.



He says his company will further hand over the project and training centre to the Zambian government after five years.

Mr. Huang says his company has already started construction of sites where the milling plants will be placed in Southern, Lusaka and North Western Provinces with three mini milling plants having been airlifted into Zambia.

The three milling plants were shipped at a cost of over 100-thousand dollars while about 200 plants will be shipped before December this year.


And Zambia Cooperative Federation -ZCF- Director General James Chirwa is happy that the project is finally becoming a reality.

Mr Chirwa says the setting up of the solar powered mini milling plants will improve the livelihood of the people in rural areas as mealie meal will be produced in areas of high maize production.



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