Police attempt to arrest GBM


HH wrote-Police this afternoon again attempted to arrest our Vice-President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) in Kasama Central as he continued to tour his constituency and also wanted to buy a few things at the market.
This is how much we have been suffocated as politicians holding a different view from the PF.
GBM is a national leader and currently a serving Kasama PF Parliamentarian who has every right to tour his constituency and appreciate the living conditions of his people and hear their developmental needs.



On one hand we have heard several cases of MPs not visiting their constituencies, while on the other hand we want to be blocking those that want to visit their people purely for political reasons. How can the likes of GBM and others now know the challenges of their people they are representing if they can’t be allowed to even move around and greet their electorates?


How can some of us wishing to lead the country fully appreciate the needs of the people we seek to lead if we can’t be allowed to freely mingle with the people we seek to lead with a view to fully understand their challenges?


In other societies, key opposition figures are even allowed to visit military barracks and other security wings with a view to appreciate their needs and lobby for government support.
It is time the top police command educated their officers on the application of the Public Order Act instead of the current abuse that will make our people not take this oppression anymore.


There has been several statements even on the floor of the house to the effect that MPs do not need permits when visiting their constituencies, but the exact opposite has been happening.
It is also sad that a few law enforcement officers that try to act professionally have been victims of repression and harassment such as the case of the Luanshya Commanding Officer who has been transferred and shunted to Shangombo purely for allowing our tours in Luanshya town.


We are greatly humbled by our people in Kasama who stood firm and blocked police from arresting GBM. And now GBM has been summoned to Kasama Police station tomorrow on orders from senior ruling politicians.


The economic challenges affecting this country are too enormous for those in leadership to continue pursuing political opponents. We are now informed our currency today had hit the K9 mark against the US $1 and one would expect these would be our priorities than trying to fix political opponents with trivialities.


  1. does it mean police men re lazy? evry tym i hear ”attempt to arrest” why can’t they arrest this bargar whoz causin confusion?

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