You’ll be voted out, Milupi reminds PF

Opposition Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) president Charles Milupi
Opposition Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) president Charles Milupi

The Patriotic Front (PF) government has been reminded that the ultimate price it will pay if it continues not listen to what people want is being voted out in 2016.
Opposition Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) President Charles Milupi says the PF government should therefore realize that in a Democracy like Zambia, people speak through opposition political parties.
Mr Milupi says this is why he has always advised that much as it is a choice to take advice or not, counsel being given by the opposition should not be dismissed out-rightly.
Mr. Milupi has told Qfm News by telephone that the PF should therefore develop an attitude of taking time to weigh such advice and act upon it if there is value in it.

He says this is what he believes is the whole essence of Democracy, that government should represent the views of the people while the views of the people should come from the opposition.
Mr. Milupi states that it is for this reason that his party has been consistently raising issues relating to governance and the economy because it has take note that the country is not doing well in these areas.
He says the worry of the ADD in this case is that if Zambia is not doing well in these areas, the people that are affected are the citizens.
Mr Milupi however notes that the citizens themselves are the definitive judges of the performance of the government.
He says this entails that if the PF government does not pay attention to their concerns, they must also recognize the power and the value of their vote.




  1. Greater to see that the spirit of debate is still strong in our Zambia. Through perseverance the electorate will become stronger more informed and start to hold parliament and all elected officials to account. Both in opposition and in power.yewo

  2. Sifuniso, my friend, they are people who just like that. They keep saying hh wont rule zambia as if they are the only ones who have voters cards. You know they are thonking that the economic battle is for tongas alone. Someone who analyses issues can not say that. Do you think all those who voted for hh in the last by- elections are tongas only? becauae el is a minority President. Even me and others from Chipata we love him but we hate his leadership. Wait and see.

  3. The problem with African leaders is that once they get into power they become obsessed with it,they rarely listen

  4. If the party in power “has to listen to the opposition” as the “opposition reflects/represents the will of the people” why was the opposition not voted into power in the first place??

  5. Milupi na hangover yakwe kuti waseka. Are u really in zambia ? The zambian mood now ni Kolopa .com

    • You and your entire clan are commedian becoz you were born to oppose evely thing coming from people who are not you tribemates. Today Zambia is on a wrong path becouse of such attitudes.If you were areasoning person you could at least have given him support for this despite not voting for him and hence hold your government responsible of the miserly it has brought to this country

  6. milupi is not a factor in politics so wateva he says can not be heard by any well meaning zambian

  7. milupi is not a factor in politics so wateva he says can not be heard by any well meaning zambian

  8. Pipo will support even feases simply because they are coming from their relatives. Sense from milupi