Macky II wows Choma’s Masaka


AFTER experiencing about four months of entertainment ‘load shedding’ from renowned artistes, Choma residents were last Friday treated to some Kopala swag hip-hop music.
Of course, Macky 2 Umupondo was in the provincial capital of Southern Province.


Hundreds of excited youths thronged Chobro Masaka nightclub where Macky II (Malaza Kaira) staged an electric performance, much to the delight of patrons.
The show started after 19:00hours with performances from Choma based artistes who churned out their beats till around 23:30 hours when Umupondo stormed the stage much to the excitement of his cheering fans.
They did not mind the K25 gate entry fee.


Dressed in all-white attire, his usual dark stunners, two copper neck chains, glittery greenish studs with matching ornaments and a classy copper-coated watch, Macky 2, renowned for his creativity, rhymes and poetry, staged a consistently entertaining performance that left his fans screaming, singing and dancing along.



The beats that the Kopala swagged song writer and producer churned out included So Beautiful, Bana Chanda, So Much More and Ndimupondo before doing a medley on songs from his old albums.
The crescendo of the show was around 01:10 hours when Umopondo, who was guardedly interacting with his fans, sang his Google song, which left the audience wild with ecstasy.


Towards the end of the show, the former Big Brother Africa contestant had some timely and friendly advice for his fans, some of whom conspicuously had too much to drink.
“To the young people who are here, stay away from alcohol, that (alcohol) is for big people…practise abstinence, if you will not abstain from sex, use a condom because AIDS in real, yah,” the soft spoken rapper said, amid applause.


He later announced that “elo tatula komboka tumimbileko aka last te [before we retire to our homes, let me sing the last song, right],” the artist asked the crowd which was not interested in leaving.
Away from the stage, one of his fans commended the award winning musician for counselling the youth on the need to stay away from vices, especially HIV risky behaviour, that can hinder their quest to become better citizens.


“The ‘speech’ he (Macky 2) gave was good. The issue where he advised us to condomise or abstain from sex is very timely.
“As you have seen, a number of people here were drinking and we do not know what they will be doing next…when you are drunk you end up doing anything. That is why I chose not to drink,” Nchimunya Shabeenzu, 20, of Choma’s Medium area, said.