Kwacha gets facelift to cater for the visually impaired

zambia kwacha
zambia kwacha

The Bank of Zambia has issued new notes with a tactile feature to cater for the visually impaired.

The Central Bank says the move is timely as not all visually impaired persons are able to read Braille marks.


Head of Communications Kanguya Mayondi said this during the official opening of a workshop on the New tactile feature on the Zambian banknotes in Lusaka.

Mr Mayondi says the features are in form of slanting lines on the front of each denomination.


These range from two slanting lines on the lowest banknote of 2 Kwacha to seven slanting lines on the highest denomination.

He said the current banknotes will circulate side-by-side with the new banknotes with the tactile feature without a time limit for withdrawal from circulation.



Mr Mayondi says the notes will be rolled out during the course of the last quarter of this year.

And Zambia Association for People with Disabilities Acting Director General Serah Brotherton praised the Bank’s move.