2,700 imported motor vehicles evade ZABS

2.3 km truck queue at Chirundu border post
2.3 km truck queue at Chirundu border post

MORE than 2,700 motor vehicles which were imported into Zambia between January and June 2015 eluded the pre-shipment inspections at the points of origin and the importers did not follow the laid-down importation procedures.


The Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) says it inspected a total of 8,416 used motor vehicles imported by various companies into the country during the period and out of the total, 2,754 vehicles eluded the pre-shipment inspections.


ZABS head of marketing and public relations Hazel Zulu said this is because the importers did not follow the laid down vehicle importation procedures and requirements as per Zambian Standard ZS 560, a code of practice for the inspection and testing of used motor vehicles.


THE Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) has between January and June this year inspected a total of 8, 416 used motor vehicles imported by various companies into Zambia.


This is in its continuous quest to ensure that Zambia is not used as a dumping ground for substandard or un-roadworthy motor vehicles.


Ms Zulu said 2,754 vehicles had to pay penalties of 15 per cent of the Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) at different points of entry into Zambia for failure to comply with the Zambian Standard ZS 560, which is a mandatory standard and is regulated by law.


She urged all importers of used motor vehicles to adhere to the compulsory Zambian Standard, ZS 560 as it facilitates acceptance of only roadworthy vehicles on Zambian roads and to prevent export of sub-standard vehicles or un-roadworthy vehicles to Zambia.




  1. I wonder why Zabs is concentrating on vehicles only. We have a lot of sub standards goods on Zambian market which they can concentrate. Eg disposal shoes being sold in Kamwala . what about life threatening drugs in our stores. Zabs should tell us why they exist. Are you a revenue coll

  2. What did you do about it ?Importing cars is a Dollar consuming business ,so we need value for that hard earned dollar .

  3. Jevic doesn’t make sense, a car can have jevic but still come with problems. Those guys are thieves