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FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza
FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza

THE FDD has charged that the country’s problems are escalating because the Patriotic Front is running a divided government. And the FDD says the opposition is ready to face the PF in a general election at any time. FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza was commenting on the inconsistencies in the PF. Last month, energy minister Christopher Yaluma told Parliament that he did not want to be part of the inconsistency in government.




He was responding to a question raised by Lunte MMD member of parliament Felix Mutati, who observed that policy inconsistencies had destroyed the mining sector. “I concur with all the debaters on the issue of consistency and I will ensure that I will not be part and parcel or be associated with this inconsistent team,” said Yaluma. “I will do what I can to ensure that we move forward in the right direction. I concur fully with your sentiments. If somebody is gonna come into our country to look for investment, then we can’t guarantee them to just project their performance for the next coming five, six, ten years, you know. They will be concerned because they will think tomorrow, we will turn around and give them another story altogether, which will hinder their planning activities within the industry. So yes, we need, as a government, to ensure that we provide that consistency.”



And ZNBC has suspended union leaders Martin Maseka and Bisani Mwale despite Vice-President Inonge Wina’s assurance in Parliament that the government would not fire the corporation’s employees who protested against management. But Mwanza charged that President Edgar Lungu was facing a revolt because his government was divided, and in the process bringing about inconsistencies. “All systems have completely broken down because Edgar Lungu is having a divided government. He has brought in people from the opposition and given them very senior government positions; (Richwell) Siamunene Minister of Defence, (Michael) Kaingu Minister of Education.


You have Vincent Mwale Minister of Youth and Sport and what is happening is that there is a revolt in Edgar Lungu’s government,” he said. “It is clear that either Cabinet doesn’t meet or when they do, there is no one who speaks openly because that Cabinet is divided by people who have come from outside and as I am speaking to you, there has been a lot of talk about these appointments that Edgar Lungu has made, giving opposition members senior positions while people who suffered with president Michael Sata from the time PF started have been sidelined or taken away. So Edgar Lungu is facing a revolt.”



Mwanza said others were deliberately misleading the Head of State. “He is running a broken down Cabinet and there is a deliberate move by others to mislead the President. When president Nawakwi went to report herself to the police, there are things that the Zambian people should know. The only person who can give the President intelligence information is the Director General and there is no way that the Director General can give the President false information about what was happening in Bangweulu. It’s either the President was getting that information from some parallel wing which has been formed by cadres, so we can see that the governance systems have seriously broken down,” he said. And Mwanza said the opposition was ready to face the PF in the general elections at any given time. “I think the first thing we would like to highlight is that President Edgar Lungu has reduced the presidency to child’s play.


That is why he is playing kabisha bisha (hide and seek) with the public with regard to the election. If you listen to the President carefully, you will see that he believes that elections are about who wins and who loses. He doesn’t understand that elections are about people deciding who they put in office in order to solve the problems that the population is facing,” said Mwanza. – See more at:


  1. The last FDD was that run by the late General- ‘Christon Tembo.’ Just join the Heritage party, may be the Brigadier can reshape your politics to that of logics from illusions.