Kitwe pastor tells court how he was seduced

Pastor preacher

A PASTOR of Revival for All Nations Church indicted with rape has told the Kitwe Magistrate’s Court that the woman he is accused of raping during an inter-denominational prayer meeting at his house allegedly consented to having sex with him.

This is in a case in which James Thewo, 28, of house number 31, Congo Way, Riverside in Kitwe, is facing one count of rape.
In his defence, Thewo said the woman allegedly seduced and lured him into having sex with her.


He told senior resident magistrate Daniel Musonda yesterday that on May 28 this year, his friend invited him for an inter-denominational prayer meeting in Chamboli where he met the woman at the end of the prayers.


Thewo narrated that the woman, who was in the company of her two friends, invited him and his friend to pray for them.
He testified that the woman allegedly later got his phone number and started calling him regularly.
Thewo testified that three days after the prayer meeting in Chamboli, the woman allegedly phoned and told him that she loved him and that she believed that he was the right one for her.


“She told me that she had met a pastor who told her that if she fasted for three days, she would find a God-fearing man to marry her. So, she called me and told me that she believed I was that man.
“Her sister even told me that she dreamt that we would have a wedding and she convinced me that her dreams always come to pass,” Thewo narrated.


He testified that the woman continued calling him and insisting that she wanted to talk to him.
Thewo said despite telling her that he had no money to pay for her transport, she insisted that she would pay for herself.
He narrated that on the fateful evening, he was at his house with the woman when she started touching him in ‘inappropriate’ places and that the two had sex, which she initiated.


Thewo said he was later surprised to hear that the victim told her sister that he had raped her.
Defence continues on September1, 2015.
Earlier during trial, the woman told the court that the pastor raped her after inviting her for prayers at his house.
She narrated that Thewo told her that he had a vision about her from God.