Hubby refuses to make love, says I am ugly

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A TWENTY-SEVEN year old woman has told the Chelstone Local Court how her husband of 10 years has suddenly started denying her sex whenever she makes advances while calling her act as being disrespectful.
Ireen Kasongo, 27 of Lusaka’s Mtendere Township told the court that since June 23, 2015, she has not had sex with her husband because every time she tries to stir up the husband’s desire for sex, all she gets are insults and telling her that she has no respect.
Kasongo sued Sonny Mwewa, 34, also of the same residential area for marriage reconciliation.

“Whenever I touch him, he will tell me that ‘Ichibeleshi nshifwaya ulekwatako umuchinshi.’ He will go on telling me how ugly I am and would insult my mother for giving birth to an ugly child like me,” Kasongo told the court.
Kasongo told the court that Mwewa, a builder, also intends to marry another woman he has impregnated and that he has even paid bride price. She said the relationship Mwewa has with the other woman has caused friction in their marriage.

The court heard that the couple got married in 2005 and bride price was paid. The two lived in harmony for only a year.
Kasongo told the court that the day court officials took the summons to Mwewa, he beat her severely, forcing her to desert their home.
She told the court that Mwewa does not take care of the home expenses but at times, only gives her K10 to run the home.

“He leaves home in the morning and gives me a K10 for breakfast, lunch and supper expecting me to buy mealie meal and all that is needed at home,” she said.
And in his defence Mwewa admitted that he has not been giving Kasongo money to run the home for the past four years.
In judgement, senior presiding magistrate Hope Mwila said the marriage had broken down because Mwewa did not want to be with Kasongo.

“This marriage cannot work, so any of you two can sue for divorce. From your statements, there is no communication in your marriage, no sex, there is violence, too many accusations and finger pointing. Above all, Mwewa has decided to remain numb,” the senior presiding magistrate said.