PF adopts Sampa for Kasama Central, not intimidated by GBM

Mile Sampa's campaign team spokesperson Kelvin Mutale Sampa
Mile Sampa's campaign team spokesperson Kelvin Mutale Sampa

Patriotic Front (PF) adopted candidate for Kasama Central Parliamentary seat Kelvin Sampa says he is grateful with the decision that has been made by the PF Central Committee and the entire PF leadership.

And Mr. Sampa says he is not intimidated by the former PF Kasama Central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Mwamba.

In an interview with Qfm News via telephone, Mr. Sampa says it is not easy to make such a decision citing that it takes a lot of courage not only from the central committee but from the party itself.



Mr. Sampa says for the party to arrive at such a decision, the party has confidence in him thus what needs to be done at the end of the day should be done.

He says the decision to adopt him has demonstrated that politics in Zambia are not only being perceived as the ones that are mandated to assume certain positions that involve leadership but that even new comers are welcome.

Mr. Sampa says the move has not only given confidence to him but to others who want to get on board and support the party.



He adds that the President meant well when he said he wanted to work with energetic and focused young people stressing that it is evidenced with what has transpired.

Mr. Sampa has pledged his loyalty and support to the president, the party and the people of Kasama adding that he knows that the people of Kasama are craving for a leader that will truly represent them.




  1. Ukose!zambian plitics r abut populality….so if ur party wont campaign 2 tht extent i assure u mukalusa….mak sure u pass GBM s populality.

  2. Its a generation change ,and life is change ,youth for kasama central ,vote wisely no more recircling leaders ,youth take part of the Zambian politics