Lusambo advises Nawakwi


Opposition MMD youths have said they conquer with Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) leader Edith Nawakwi that God should come and save the country.

MMD National Youth Secretary Bowman Lusambo however says God should come and save the country from people like Ms Nawakwi who have failed to effectively provide solutions to the issues affecting the nation.


Mr. Lusambo says Ms. Nawakwi has concentrated on attacking the President and cannot see anything right that the President and his government have done since ascending to office citing that to her, it appears the PF government has not done anything right.

He notes that people should realize that they do not loose anything by giving credit to the government when it is due stressing that they should accept that President Lungu is in government and wait until his term is over.


Mr. Lusambo says politicians should wait for 2016 to begin campaigning but at the moment they should provide effective checks and balances to the government.

He has further urged President Lungu to concentrate on delivering to the expectations of the people of Zambia and ignore destructors.




  1. I plead with His Excellency to forgive Masebo and drop all disciplinary charges. Reconcile with he and make an attempt to visit her Auntie the Chiefteneship in Chongwe. It will do good for the party. In this life we step on one another and hence need to forgive and reconcile.

  2. @ Chiza I hope you understand how power is generated. Give your opinion on how to arrest the load shading. Haven’t you heard of Solar companies coming? Don’t you it’s one of the best ways to sort that problem?

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