Kitwe DC threatens senior police officers over crime

Kitwe District Commissioner Chanda Kabwe
Kitwe District Commissioner Chanda Kabwe - Photo Credit -

Kitwe District Commissioner Chanda Kabwe has threatened to recommend the immediate transfer of senior police officers from Kitwe if the crime wave in the city continues.

Mr. Kabwe said this after criminals broke into Ndeke Secondary School last night on the stealing computers and other valuables.

The break-in at Ndeke Secondary School comes barely five days after burglars broke into Chamboli and Ipusukilo High Schools where thirty computers were stolen from the two learning institutions.


Mr. Kabwe says it is unacceptable that the police command in Kitwe has failed to track down the group of criminals that has been stealing computers and property from Government institutions.

Mr. Kabwe who visited the learning institution has since given the police command in the District 48 hours in which to arrest those behind the theft of the computers.


He say the criminal gang has been stealing computers from Government schools in the area since January this year.

Meanwhile, a 51 year old guard from Ndeke Secondary School, Elias Simukonda is battling for his life after the criminal assaulted him.

School Deputy Head Teacher Charles Nkandu has told ZNBC News that the criminals broke into the school at around 23.30 hours.

Mr. Nkandu said the criminals spent close to three hours ransacking property at the school before police were alerted.

The stolen items have since been recovered as the criminals bolted after noticing the presence of police.

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  1. These guys are usually in large numbers at the road blocks. Why don’t the police command deploy some of these guys to be doing night patrols, insteady making unnecessary road blocks?