Girl 16, conspires with 2 teenage boys to rape her friend

Lusaka High Court

A 16-YEAR-OLD girl of Livingstone charged with accessory after the fact has denied conspiring with two teenage boys aged 16 and 17 to rape her 16-year-old friend.

This is in a case in which the two boys are charged with rape and whilst the girl is charged with accessory after the fact.
It is alleged that the boys on July 18 this year in Livingstone, jointly and whilst acting together took turns to have carnal knowledge of the girl without her consent.

The girl told Livingstone chief resident magistrate Willie Sinyangwe that on the fateful day, she never went to the Southern Tourism, Agriculture and Commercial Show (STACS) as claimed by the victim.
She testified that the victim’s mother allegedly dragged her into the issue because she wanted her to be a witness in the case.
The juvenile said that she could not be a witness in a case in which she does not have proper facts.

“I was at home when the mother of the complainant came to apprehend me with police officers. At the police station, I was asked if I knew the reason I was apprehended and I denied,” the girl said.
The girl said she was apprehended for something she had not done and detained at Dambwa Central Police Post.

The girl testified that she was later taken to Livingstone Central Police Station where police officers allegedly gassed her in the night while in the holding cell.
She said police officer took her to the crime scene the following day and that the place was strange to her because she did not know anything about the incident.
“It is not true that I went to the complainant’s house to get her daughter so that we could go to the showgrounds,” the girl said.