Barotse treason trial starts

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

Trial has started at the Kabwe High Court in the matter where four Barotse activists are charged with treason .

The matter of the four treason suspects is before Kabwe High Court Judge in Charge Dominic Sichinga.

Meanwhile the four have also taken fresh plea for the indictment to include facts that the alleged treason offences was committed in Mongu,Sioma ,Senenga and Livingstone.

The Treason Suspects have maintained their plea of not quilty.

They earlier denied the treason charges yesterday before Judge Sichinga.

They are alleged to have between March 2012 and 12 August 2013, while acting together prepared and endeavoured to have Western P rovince secede from the rest of the republic of Zambia.