Frequent State House visits by chiefs raising eyebrows

President Lungu speaks with Chieftainess Nkomesha in Petauke on July 18,2015 -Picture by EDDIE MWANALEZA

Opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has raised reservations at the rate at which traditional leaders are visiting State House.

PDP president George Mpombo says the frequent visits that chiefs are making at State House is now raising eyebrows and sending a wrong signal that maybe government is allegedly trying to entice them.


Dr. Mpombo has told Qfm News by telephone that besides creating such an impression that Chiefs are being manipulated, inviting and flying Chiefs to State House in fact goes against traditional norms.

He says there is nothing wrong with President Edgar Lungu visiting chiefs in their domains.


And Dr. Mpombo has observed the earlier confusion that surrounded the installation of the Bemba paramount chief Chitimukuli should be used as a lesson that excessive political interference in the affairs of royal establishments is wrong.

He has advised the Patriotic Front (PF) government to realize that traditional matters are supposed to be left to appropriate traditional authorities.


Dr. Mpombo states that the political interference that was seen prior the recognition and installation of Henry Sosala Kanyanta as the paramount chief Chitimukulu was uncalled for.

He says such excessive political interference was extending a very bad precedent and therefore his counsel to the PF government is for it to refrain from interfering in the affairs of traditional leaders.