Woman commits suicide over husband’s infidelity

hang suicide
hang suicide

A 38-YEAR-OLD woman of Sando village in Chief Nkole Mfumu’s area in Kasama has committed suicide after learning of her husband’s alleged extra marital affair with a woman of the same village.
Northern Province deputy commissioner of police Alfred Nawa said in an interview yesterday that the incident happened on Tuesday around 21:00 hours.
Mr Nawa identified the deceased as Maggie Chisanga.
He said Ms Chisanga’s father Daniel Chisanga, 53, found his daughter’s body hanging from a tree in a nearby bush about 20 metres from her house.

“The deceased’s father reported that she and her husband had been having marital problems over her husband’s alleged infidelity. So she decided to hang herself,” Mr Nawa said.
He said police do not suspect foul play and have advised the relatives to proceed with burial.



  1. Yes proceed with the burial the husband too can now marry another woman and life continues

  2. There are more serious things to think about than suicied.E.G Praying which provides rest and comfort.Or it a way of showing love on the contrally its a way of saying am weak.

  3. But Ivy busy calculating sure? How can she do that out of all things she picked 1 to kill herself? poor chap.

  4. Kuti chawama babalilapo kushika nebo. Ukuchila nkamone ubushiku ukaya. I wish th husband knew this song. MHSRP

  5. Its a lesson to all men learn to be faithful to your partners because when women mean to love they love with whole their hearts,my brother reading this dont be a heartbreaker because one day GOD will hear her prayer and it won’t be well with you.