PF launches Makombwe branch, promises youth jobs

PF MP, Mile Sampa's supporters at Supreme Court in Lusaka onDec 15, 2014 by

Lusaka province Patriotic Front (PF) chairperson Joseph Kasonde says President Edgar Lungu must be given support in 2016 so that he can have a new full term in office.


Mr Kasonde says President Lungu must be re-elected so that he can unveil his vision and shame all his armchair critics.


Mr. Kasonde has since warned opposition leaders to desist from attacking President Lungu.


Mr Kasonde was speaking in Shibuyunji district today when the PF launched the newly formed Makombwe branch during celebrations held at Munyati Primary School.


He expressed happiness over the creation of the new branch and also disclosed that 32 members of the opposition had defected to join the PF in the new ward.


Mr. Kasonde welcomed the new members to the PF and reminded them to be loyal to the party leaders.


And Lusaka Province PF chairlady Margaret Mumba said opposition Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) leader Edith Nawakwi can never be the president of Zambia because her words clearly show her true character.


 And Makombwe branch Chairperson Pamela Chipongwe said the formation of Shibuyunji as a district will create jobs for youths in the area.

Ms. Chipongwe added that the ward will rally behind President Edgar Lungu and ensure that more branches are created in Shibuyunji district.



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