GBM’s account of his encounter with Police in kasama

GBM at kasama Police
GBM at kasama Police

I wish to take this opportunity to update you on the events that happened yesterday relative to the interviews that I had with the Police in kasama.

It was alleged that I acting with persons unknown assaulted two unknown ladies in Senior Chief Mwambas area although the said victims are not residents of Mwamba area.


After the interview I was subsequently charged with two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm. As a result I was paraded before the Kasama Magistrate court wherever I denied the charges on 7th August 2015.

However, I was granted bail with two working sureties in their own recognizance of K 3000 each and a further K 5000 in my own recognizance.

The case has been adjourned to 28th September 2015 for trial.


In the same vein I wish to reiterate my earlier advise to President Lungu that the clock is ticking and he better put his house in order and stop intimidating and persecuting his perceived political foes. It is said that what goes around comes around and if you live by the sword you will perish by the sword.


For us ss UPND our resolve is to inform the citizenry on the mismanagement of our country by the current PF government and no amount of intimidation and persecution will deter us from our agenda to form Government and liberate our people from poverty and poor service delivery.


The PF government’s failure to control the dwindling economy is a source of worry to us the UPND and the general public. President Lungu should know that I am not a pushover.I fear nobody but God only, the creator of mankind.


I therefore wish to appeal to all well meaning Zambians to support the UPND to remove this failed government by voting enmass in the the forthcoming parliamentary By elections in Kasama Central Constituency in the next few months and the 2016 Presidential and General elections.

Long live fellow Zambians and may God bless you all.



  1. no matter hw well you wash a pig it will always go back to it’s can’t you can’t change it’s behavior and character.That’s how some people are.Even if they change parties,their acts and conduct still remain the same DIRTY.GBM (Geoffrey Bully Mwamba)

  2. in the name of creating jobs they have now started importing fish from china. what a failed gavernment

  3. Mulimbe, what assurance is there that anything will change? You still have PF written all over you and you are saying we remove PF? Those same Zambian you are appealing to!!!???

  4. The only crime ECL has committed is that he became president when you least expected him to.

  5. Gbm U are very dull. u appealed against the speakers’ decision to declare yo seat vacant, but today u’re urging pipo to vote in numbers in the bye-election to come soon. so u’re wasting our time,just tell us the interview u had with the police,u bully.

  6. Trying to get sympathy out of this but sorry,we already know who you are,a violent scumbag well known for gender based violence.

  7. Ati we vote enmass but u hav gone 2 court. Kwena tata imwe namusulwa sana, bushe muleumfwa ba fatty?


  9. Unknown pipo. Kanene’s wife a known victim didn’t complain the police did nothing. Unknown victims no complainant police swing in action.are we safe ?

  10. Am waiting for your reply Gilbert after your reseach and learn to be rearistic don’t worship rich people moreover you don’t know there source of wealth.

  11. Your a big fool, how come you’re running to courts of law if you are prepared for the same by – elections. Stupid and idiotic rich fool.

    • Innocent pipo don’t always rush to fb to say am innocent the let the count do it for them not making noise, his a fool

  12. Gilbert am not suffering and do not. believe in the unknown there is nothing I know about HH apart from him being a bussinessman. Go on the internet and after you find out tell me yourself how many successfull businessmen have failed to govern I will give you one, Mark Lavramanana of Madagascar. Am not a girl who is easily cheated by a man with fake promises. Cheat other people not me I’ve followed african politics since I was 12 years. I know some of you are promised something to call blue as black me I don’t get anything from PF but it is doing the best so far. Look at the by-elections 7-0. Surely if people were not happy was pf going to sweep Clean. 7-0.

  13. Come 2026 my vote is for changwa Lungu and the PF party . because I have seen what they have done all over our beloved country Zambia.

  14. If u say de failed PF Govt even u ure a big failure coz u were in PF not less dan a Year GBM think like a Man not a boy.


  16. AM blind yes but I predicted most elections including the 2015 which embarased the sighted people you. I’ve been called like that watchdog blocked me from commenting but can you see the way they are vanishing out for telling lies. UPND TEFINTU.

  17. What do u say about the lady who was injured?if its not u who did it,then u shud conderm those who did it and sympathise wit the victim.that’s true leadership.the pf has only failed in the imagination of the power hungry!

  18. HH, could hav been a good leader than Its forefounder the legendary A. M. if its not for da dat u are too bully. this is to say, wen on airwaves, radio precisely u retaliat too emotional & full of bitterness. That was not cool as a leader to hav dissed dat poor man on radio phoenix Sam tym back… that wasn’t cool at all. UPND tell yo leader to change his approach in well mannered way then pipo will vote in for u. #OneZambiaOneNation

  19. PF is a bunch of failures and frightened little men. God always removes bad leaders. The Exit is near. They are afraid of you GBM, that’s why they are persecuting you

  20. Someone beat up his wife can sure be guilty of the charge that he did assualt those women do u think this man will change even in Upnd never u were given a chance in government and u did nothing all u were doing was moving with a lot of cars has if u were president never mr GBM even if u have money with you friend hh what is it that hh has done to help zambian with the cash that he says he has think again and think fast for time is not on yo sis Upnd even this time u go down

  21. in upnd I waz going to b happy they choose honorable #Garry Nkhombo not this gbm of you!

  22. Appeal to othere Zambians not me. Are you cheating us like kids we are seeing good things the pf is doing under the supervision of His Excellence Edgar Chagwa Lungu. My vote will still go to him GOD BLESS HIM AND OUR COUNTRY.

    • Daliso, open your eyes look around and see what good things you have seen? If you stayed quite and listened to your conscience you would hear even the suffering you are going through yourself with these PF guys. Wake up please!!

  23. I dnt bleam u I put it on the one who put u on that poistion.its a great shame to us tongo’s I thougth we hv the brings to think kanshi kuwayawayafwe how can u put GBM and think he z the right person. to hell with u, never in this country will UPND rule this nation only the late Grn mazoka M.H.S.R.I.P

  24. He live to threaten pipo just! wat kind of a leader z he? imwe bathu imwe let’s open our eyes to such typ of fact dat he was wrong by assauting some1,why shud he mistreat and threaten de poor.if he dd it to my family I wud av shut him and shut my self 4 de sake of law.he z foolish.if you love de poor dem its not ryt 4 the UPND to start invoving such typ of individuals in there upnd but I lyk his vioent bhaviour at all.let him b finished.

  25. I wonder how come he didn’t liberate people from poverty all that time he was in govt.

  26. GBM is politically impotent. Abena Kasama tabatumpa. Alisenda ne chigayo ku lusaka ba shalafye amalofwa

  27. Ati Grade 2 vice president!!!! Shit talk about your dad’s success. Talk your father first.

  28. A grade who has been one of the best entrepreneurs in the country. Aba pwisha iskulu bachili bale fwaya inchito

  29. Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing it