Your careless talk will scare away investors, Mumbi Phiri tells Nawakwi

Mumbi Phiri
Mumbi Phiri

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) deputy secretary-general Mumbi Phiri says people “carelessly” criticising the leadership of President Lungu are sending wrong signals to the outside world.
Mrs Phiri, in an interview yesterday, said Zambians should be issued-based when criticising the President because that is what constructive politicians do.

She said the PF administration is open to constructive criticism in its quest to develop the country.
“The opposition will one day be in Government. What are they going to do if investors lose confidence to invest in the country because of careless talk?”

Mrs Phiri was reacting to Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) president Edith Nawakwi’s sentiments against President Lungu.
“I do not think in politics someone needs to be taught on how to run politics. It’s genetically in-born, and someone is born a leader and not taught. And if you do not have morals, do not take it on others. Besides, wisdom comes from God. You can have degrees, money and be educated, but if God has not given you the wisdom, you cannot rule,” Mrs Phiri said.

She advised Ms Nawakwi to accept the fact that the country is being ruled by President Lungu.
“She had her time when she served in various portfolios as minister in the MMD government. She should also give chance to President Lungu to run the affairs of the country,” she said.



  1. Madam you talk nonsense all times. If you don’t have anything to talk about just keep quite.

  2. Just in ur speech what issue have u discussed???? Senselessness starts and end with you!!!! Shameless woman.

    In fact, tame itself, Dora, Emmanuel, Davies (SG), kambwili to mention but a few to be issue-based….

  3. Pf is one lot that does not accept criticism.Investers are very smarter than you ba Mumbi. If what she talks about is True then why not.Even us citizens, if we had option b, a lot us could have left the country based on agony that Pf is taking us through. Redeem yourselves.

  4. which school mama did you go to that teaches that criticizing the president will scare away investors?Actually thats what brings investors because they know people are busy criticizing the government hence if the government of that day is sensible enough they will actually deliver development that will lure in investors……its just that you are failing to do things right and you cant fool us yaaaaaa

  5. Either she is a hard core cadre without sense and cannot pick any sense when people are criticizing with the view that they work and improve or she is just clueless. This woman will never say whats the way forward but just a drum stick for political mileage. Mumbi phiri, are you blind that you cannot see how things are moving. And you wonder why Sata never gave you such positions. Talking we do not deny but the senselessness of what comes from your mouth is what we deny

  6. U r totally lost Mumbi Phiri. The Leader is the one scaring away the Prospective investors. Open your eyes madam.

  7. I have been very patient with these people over everything else but with the electricity load shedding i feel so directly affected so much that every single time electricity is switched off i feel like the president himself physically walked to my Main breakers and pushed the damn thing down (and this is happening 2-3 times a day),its so pathetic.i don’t think i need these disruptions next 2 years and i know for sure this is a management issue that can be sorteed out with serious people at the helm

  8. Investors are well informed not by the criticism but by their state intelligence organizations. In a country with multi party type of politics it is only right for those in office to be criticized so that they make amends and charter the rights course.

  9. Are you trying to tel us to stop crying wen its painfull….huh.listen old woman we dont care abt the image our true honest complaints do to your master the fact is you have destroyed the little faith we had in you

  10. investors cnt be scared if we criticise Lungu…thy r scared of our Economy nd corruption……PF is an ignorant party whch jx wants to be in Power bt doesn’t care for the people

  11. What is Mumbi Phiri doing to stop the massive violence and attacks physically on the opposition by the Pf government. It is evident that the pillar of governance by the pf is anchored on intimidating the opposition through violent attacks on them. I think the investors will lose more confidence in government if they see cadres having more powers than the state security and where Mumbi Phiri will have more powers than the Police. Balance it up, the opposition is just providing checks and balances.

  12. Nawakwi would definitely outshine that talkative b***,she is too intelligent! Bazasebanika che ba mumbi phiri.

  13. Even if things r not ok u want us to be praising him , nowonder GBM is saying u very confused

  14. Investors do not factor “careless talk” like what has just been reported. They will lose confidence if a president tells them to find alternative sources of fuel, when government can pass and amend tax laws like seen recently, the lose confidence when cost of production is high and when economic variables such as exchange rate are in disarray.

    It would be great to have Madam Phiri and Ms. Nawakwi have a live discussion to debate these issues.