Two very important events have taken place in the last few days. First was the closure of Copperbelt University. Second, is the harassment of workers at ZNBC. What is shocking is that President Lungu has been mute on the two very important events that ordinarily necessitate intervention of the President. What is even more distressing and flabbergasting is that the President has chosen to deliver speeches at campaign political rallies in and attend ceremonies at the expense of addressing governance issues at the two important institutions.

As the Green Party, we do not think that PF winning of Bangweulu Constituency is more important than crisis at CBU. We do not think that officiating and delivery of speech at Show in Lusaka is more important than resolving the crisis at CBU. We do not think that delivery of speech at Dangote Cement is more important than resolving the crisis at ZNBC.

We urge President Lungu to place value on the education of the youths and act now to resolve the crisis. As a beneficiary of university education, he knows too well how his education has helped him ascend to the highest office of the land. He knows too well the comfort that goes with university education once completes and is employed.

It is therefore extreme selfishness on the part of President Lungu to continue ignoring the plights of students at the moment roaming the street for no fault of their own, but poor governance in the education sector.
Mr. President, you are in charge. Set your priorities straight. The nation is waiting for your action.
Mwebantu close to President, please help convey this message to the him


  1. How can you say opening Dangote is not important???! It’s important to secure the country ‘s finances first n ensure the bursaries funds are available for CBU and have resources to meet the civil servants of which znbc staff are part of

  2. That’s the point ,we need to open our eyes people this government is the wast of all the government that I have govern. our country

  3. The PF doesn’t care about the workers reason and the reason is simple,workers are more educated than most of our politicians

  4. If the President has appointed incapable PSz,ministers then he must mitigate ther defociencies.Kaingu has failed so his boss shud come in.Its not cheapening the president when he has appointed ‘useless’.ministers.Infact presidency ndishi yatyola yeka mutengo ngati ichita appoint mediocrity

  5. Lady’s and gentlemen if we don’t understand the impact of this two institution s affecting our nation it is good for some one to keep quite ,by the way why president lungu is keeping kambwili and kaingu who are falling to do there jobs but enjoying taxpayers money ? ,this is a time president should start displin none starter ministers

  6. This is how we have made the presidency become so cheap that everything its the president. What are Permanent Secretaries and Ministers doing if the President has to step into everything? The impasse at CBU is within the ambit of the Minister to resolve and report to the President. Mr Maseka and his issues have channels to follow and get exhausted. It is unfortunate that in these places of work people start bush fires which they cannot put out at the end then seek SOS at a very late moment.

  7. he is busy openin ifama cement companies nd kaingu th daughter she is abroad schoolin so he dont feel any impact.bantu bandi!

  8. It is not in each and every issue that the president should get involved some issues can be solved within the institutions itself that’s the reason why institution have committees to solve these issues

  9. That’s not harassment, Maseka ought to have respect for the minister. Let the Union employ him.

  10. ba President maybe he is tired Zambian’s problems kips increasing my the day am sure tending to them has become a milestone for him..staying away from the 2016 elections maybe a good idea.

  11. It’s not every Jim & jack that the president is sapose talk,that’s why hs got ministers who report to him. So that wen he analyses the situation that’s when you see him taking action.u guys want even when tomato finish in your home’@ Ba president hs quiet.