Nothing will stop me from contesting the Kasama Central seat-GBM


GEOFFREY Bwalya Mwamba says he will be contesting the Kasama Central seat as member of parliament in the forthcoming by elections on the UPND ticket.

Mr. Mwamba popularly known as GBM said he had been receiving massive support and encouragement from the Constituency.
“I wish now to inform the nation and the electorate of Kasama Central that I will not be detracted by all these innuendos and that I shall be contesting the Kasama Central seat as member of parliament in the forthcoming by election on the UPND, the party that I belong to and I am vice president of, Mr. Mwamba said.
He said

“I also wish to answer to innuendos from the Patriotic Front making rounds that I am terrified to contest for the seat, particularly that made by their Deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri.
Let me, begin by saying that the decision by the Honourable Mr Speaker has raised a lot of questions, however, I will not dwell on that at this particular time.”
Mr. Mwamba said his decision to accept the position of Vice President for the United Party for National Development was done with a lot of soul searching and consultations.


  1. Welcome we shall show you that you are nothing but a fatty joe fool in politics,remember in Kabwata you lost to Lubinda pants down until Sata picked and campaigned for you in Kasama,you are too dull to see that HH Hungry hyena is just using you,Tongas are tribalists therefore we Bembas have gone tribal too,ubupuuba tabatobeela iweee chimbwi GBM

  2. So u have even declared yourself UPND candidate before the party can even decide. What guarantee is there that u shall not declare yourself as UPND Presidential Candidate in 2016?