Wife assaults hubby with knife and screwdriver

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A LOCAL court in Lusaka has heard how a wife assaulted her husband with a knife and a screwdriver and smashed a DVD cassette player over his reckless drinking.

This was in case in which Joseph Matafwali, 21, of John Laing sued Violet Kunda 19, of John Laing Township for divorce over her intolerant behaviour towards her husband. Matafwali said the two got married in October in 2014 and have a nine-month year old child together. He said problems in their marriage problems started soon after their wedding.

He said that his wife could use any object on him regardless of how dangerous it was whenever there was a dispute between the two in the home. Matafwali also said that his wife did not distinguish between which issues were secret and which were not as she even went to the extent of discussing bedroom issues with her friends.
He said he had tried to settle the problems in the house with the relatives to his wife but instead they were in support of their daughter.

And in her defence, Kunda said that she never used any knife or screwdriver to hit her husband but only punched him in the face and he hit himself against the wall in the process.
In passing judgement, Kanyama Local Court senior Magistrate, Ackim Phiri dissolved the marriage adding that there was no love between the two going by the consistent fights.

“Since Matafwali has insisted on divorce, it indicates that there is indeed no love between the two of you, I therefore end the marriage now,” said Phiri.
Phiri ordered the couple to share their household belongings and ordered Matafwali to be paying Kunda K200 every month for their nine month old child as child support.