President Lungu greets Edith Nawakwi at an SDA event
File Pic-President Lungu greets Edith Nawakwi at an SDA event

FDD President Edith Nawakwi says voters of Bangweulu Constituency should not be excited and be fooled by the sudden interest in the constituency by the President and his Ministers as they are just in the area to hoodwink them into voting for the PF Candidate on 6th of August.
Ms. Nawakwi said President Lungu has decided to visit and take a grader to Chief Kalasa Mukoso chiefdom because she exposed the suffering of the people in the area and that he knows the people in the area are upset with the ruling party.

Speaking at Jambo village in Bangweulu Constituency where she has camped for two weeks to campaign for the party candidate Robby Mwansa Ms. Nawakwi called on voters to reject the PF by voting for the FDD candidate and send a massage to the PF that they have rejected the poverty and suffering in the province and the constituency in particular.

” We have exposed the ineptitude of this Government as regards to their capacity to be in charge of our affairs. We told the whole country how you are suffering and the lack of concern by Government but now they want to pretend that they care about the people in this constituency so that they hoodwink you into voting for them.

They know that Government has not provided any social infrastructure such as clinics, schools and roads and that you are upset with them hence the desperate move of taking a grader to Chief Kalasa Mukoso to try and appease the voters in the area. They now know that there is a Chief because I went their and showed the country how you are suffering in this area. They have brought a grader because I told them that your road is bad and that you don’t have schools or clinics,” she said.
She further said voting for the FDD candidate is the wise thing to do because FDD believed in the participation of communities when implementing developmental projects unlike the PF who are imposing certain projects in the communities.

“Our party will not come here to tell you that you need a road when children are not going to school because of the long distances between schools, Mr. Mwansa will not come here to promise you things which are secondary to the well being of the community but he will come here and discuss what we can do as people to lessen our challenges. We need schools and clinics but as your servants we believe that you are the people who know what is of paramount importance in your area.”

She added that voting for the PF would be endorsing the poverty and continued social and economic mismanagement of the country.
And some voters in the constituency say Government should stop treating people like children by pretending that they will develop the area because of the by- election which is in the constituency.
Ernest Musonda of Jambo village said it was sad that Government wants to deceive the people of Bangweulu Constituency.

“These people want to deceive the people that their constituency will be developed because of the by election but the question we would like to ask is were have they been for the last 3years for them to suddenly flood the constituency with road construction projects. They should stop treating us like children whom will give sweets to make them stop crying. It is wrong for them to show up here just because there is a by election.

They have even decided to visit our father senior Chief Kalasa Mukoso now when all this time they just by passed him. We are sure it is because they heard that you come here,” he said.
And Willard N’gandwe of the same village thanked the opposition leader for ensuring that she visited the areas to understand the challenges communities were going through.

He advised the opposition leader to continue visiting people in remote areas and speak on behalf of the poor in society because Government seemed to listen when she speaks as evidenced by the quick dispatch of the grader to senior Chief Kalasa Mukoso after her visit.
In the pictures a grader which was dispatched to senior Chief Kalasa Mukoso on Sunday 4 days before the elections. The residents in the area say the grader is just lifting and shifting dust.
Ms. Nawakwi addressing residents of Chief Kalasa Mukoso’s area at Kalasa Mukoso school.