GBM, Mwimba Malama found guilty


SPEAKER of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini has ruled that former Kasama Central member of Parliament (MP) Geoffrey Mwamba and his Mfuwe counterpart Mwimba Malama were out of order when they confronted each other in the House’s restaurant.
Dr Matibini said this in Parliament yesterday when he delivered a ruling on a point of order raised by Mazabuka MP Garry Nkombo (UPND) on Friday last week, who wanted to know whether the two lawmakers were in order to exchange insults in the National Assembly restaurant during tea break.

Dr Matibini said from the information gathered, he has established that there was an exchange of abusive language and insults between Mr Mwamba and Mr Malama.
“I have received written reports on the incident from the National Assembly security department as well as from the restaurant and house-keeping staff.

“From the reports, I have established that there was an exchange of abusive language and insults between Mr Mwamba and Mr Malama which could have degenerated into a fight had it not been for the swift intervention of security officers and fellow MPs who separated the two,” Dr Matibini said.
He said the two MPs breached the Parliamentary rules on etiquette that require them to conduct themselves in a manner that enhances the dignity of the House and of MPs in general.

Dr Matibini said the rules prohibit the use of abusive language against fellow MPs, and instead encourage them to be courteous towards each other.
He said Mr Mwamba and Mr Malama were out of order to have conducted themselves in such a manner and that their behaviour fell below the standards of conduct expected of an MP, by the House and the public at large.
“The use of offensive, provocative or threatening language in the House or within its precincts, is strictly forbidden.

“Personal attacks, insults and obscenities are equally prohibited,” Dr Matibini said.
He warned that in future stern action will be meted out on any MP seen conducting himself/herself in a disgraceful or dishonourable manner because such conduct demeans the dignity and decorum of the House.


Zambia Daily Mail


  1. Never trust some politicians more especially pf.they think we are fools or they children who they can dictate what they should sad

  2. Garry nkombo kkkkkkk he has learnt not to insult continue points of order on all thoz dat insult since u learnt a lesson