U-turn by PF gov on hunting big cats is an embarrassment-HH

Lion hunting - IMage credit voyagerexpeditions.com
Lion hunting - IMage credit voyagerexpeditions.com

The international media frenzy that has followed the killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe this week has caused many of us to reflect with embarrassment and shame on the recent U-turn by the PF Government on hunting big cats.


In the UPND we maintain that the financial argument made for hunting the cats does not make sense. We believe the opportunity for Zambia to make revenues through promoting of shooting of our precious wildlife with cameras and not guns, crossbows or any other harmful means is much greater.
By protecting our wildlife and opening up our tourism sector we can create much needed jobs and business opportunities for Zambians, which could improve the lives of many of our citizens directly and for the long-term, while preserving our outstanding natural heritage for generations to come.
We immediately opposed the removal of the hunting ban and stated our position clearly in our Weekly Policy Statement dated 26 May 2015, which can be read at www.hh-zambia.com/pressroom.


  1. Will UPND ever appreciate anything? If the big Cats have increased in number, why not hunt them the way they do with other animals. This cannot trigger an outcry like the killing of Cecil in Zimbabwe.

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