Kambwili’s presence at Youngson Kolobo’s funeral raises eyebrows

Jerabo , Youngson Kalobo
Jerabo kingpin, Youngson Kalobo - Photo Credit Zambianmusicjournal

The presence of  Information and Broadcasting Minister, Chishimba Kambwili and other government officials at Youngson Kalobo’s burial recently has raised eyebrows with many questioning their association with the late.

Youngson Kalobo, who was known as the leader of the small scale miners commonly known as Jerabos died last week Wednesday and was laid to rest at Nkana East Cemetery in Kitwe on Saturday.


Present at his burial were Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili, Wusakile MP Richard Musukwa, Copperbelt Deputy Permanent Secretary Elias Kamanga, Kitwe District Commissioner Chanda Kabwe, Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Stardy Mwale and Kitwe-based councillors.



Commenting on the presence of these prominent political figures, Amapolitikisi Mbwee wrote, “How can our political leaders sink so low to an extent of attending a funeral for a thug.. anyway Kambwili occupies the same boots. Shame on u idiots”.

Sam Rich Zulu also said, “If ministers could attend the funeral of a thug then they are all wolves hiding in cleric clothes. No wonder most minister in PF government are dull. Aba bambi at ba kambwili basendela degree mu garage university at pa copperstone university ku kite”.


“It’s indeed baffling to see government parading at a Gerabo’s funeral and sounding praises when these guys are involved in illegal copper mining and hijacking of copper wagons trucks. They don’t pay taxes, they are just a bunch of nonsense,how could the whole lot of a minister or ministers officiate at a funeral of these illegal miners. These guys don’t even know why they are in power, they seem to be so zealous,”Mubita Likando Mundia posted on Facebook.


A shocked, Andie Mubita also wrote, “This is Zambia where senior government officials go to attend the funeral of a law breaker. How can our youngsters aspire to be law abiding citizens when they see law breakers being glorified in death by government officials. We are a country without morals. No one of those government officials who went to the funeral ever visited any of those harmed by the late or his agents when they nursed serious wounds in hospital. What does that say of our political leaders’ morality?

Despite this negativity, Kambwili said many Kitwe residents where earning a living from the Copper slug dump site commonly known as Black Mountain due to the spirited fight of Youngson Kalobo put up to allow Zambians access it.


  1. Now what’s wrong in attending a noble man’s funeral by a fellow noble man? You better bring those eyebrows down coz that was just a noble gesture!!! You got nothing to report! Whose eyebrows anyways??

  2. He was representing the government. Kalobo was a popular citizen and a very influential member of the PF. I see nothing to raise eyebrows.

  3. As it should. This is why many people aspire for a life of crime and lawlessness, when you are a leader you need to put aside your personal agenda and be ready to be judged to higher ethical code than the rest of society. Birds of the feather…

  4. mostly its friends and family who attend funerals…but enemies also show up to prove you are gone..now kambwili may have attended in any of those capacities at that funeral.

  5. attending the funeral of someone dead raising eyebrows of who anyway. I believe he went to pay his last respects. its just in order that’s all whether any connection or not.

  6. Whats wrong 2 Mr Kambwili attending the funneral ? u want him 2b coming to yo place and start chattin wth u ? HAPPY ARE THOSE WHO MOURN Rest in peace Youngson.

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