By-election victory not a guarantee that PF will win 2016 general elections-Scott

Acting President Guy Scott
Guy Scott

Former Vice President, Dr. Guy Scott says the PF should not celebrate their victory in the three just ended parliamentary by elections as voters usually go for the ruling party during by elections.

Dr. Scott says by election results can be misleading for the ruling party as they do not tell whether or not the voters are genuinely supporting them or are just after money.
He says the victory recorded by the PF should not be too exciting and that the ruling party needs to work hard.


Dr Scott says it will be deceiving to think that the results recorded in by elections will be the same in the general elections next year.
And the Foundation for Democratic Process- FODEP has charged that the Mulobezi election results are not a reflection of the will of the people.
FODEP Executive Director Macdonald Chipenzi says the elections were marred with intimidation, harassment and arrests of electoral opponents
-muvi tv-


  1. You are disgruntled guy scot your plans failed to block Edger Lungu shame on you. You almost destroyed PF when majority PF MPs were for Edger

  2. Hehehehe still mourning the Acting Position……sleeping sickness still heating the head of some people. Did they know they were no where during the circus of 2014. You controlled all the Institutions of power but power pass power… came back to the right people running the show now. Lets which oppossition has even won a single seat from time EL became President? Its 6 0

  3. l am VERY DISAPPOINTED by all those that slung RACIAL SLURRS on Dr Scott. Please people criticise him on his wrongs and rights only. His skin coulour DOES NOT MATTER as he is a BONAFIDE ZAMBIAN….! l thought Zambia was by now past RACISM……??

    • chibeleshi ici waufwa kakalakawiso waba banoka kudikimana akanyo kwati kasote kabapolice idiot

  4. If winning by elections is not a guarantee to winning the 2016 elections…then what more with losing the by elections…….

  5. not guarantee,but an indication that PF will win. scott from leader of the hs to back bench,no wonder this out burst.