Attempting to defer 2016 polls is a mischief-ZED

Dr. Fredrick Mutesa

The opposition Zambians for Empowerment and Development (ZED) says it agrees with those who hold the view that deferring the 2016 general elections to 2022 will only be a source of confusion.
ZED President Frederick Mutesa adds that such a view amounts to a mischief.

Dr. Mutesa has told Qfm News that this is because there are many factors that would work against such a deferment.
He has cited the constitutional provision which prescribes the dissolution of Parliament every after five years as one such factor.


Dr Mutesa states that if the general election was to be deferred with the current mandate of Parliament coming to an end next year, it would not only create voter fatigue, but would also be wastage of public resources.


He has advised that what therefore needs to be done in interpreting the country’s constitution when a lacuna has been noticed is to think of the spirit the constitution by pondering on what was in the minds of those who framed it.
Dr. Mutesa says the greater good on the minds of those who framed the constitution should be the aim.