FODEP bemoans apathy during June 30, 2015 by-elections

Mulobezi, Malambo , Petauke

The Foundation for Democratic process (FODEP) has expressed concern on apathy levels in the just ended by–elections.

FODEP Director McDonald Chipenzi says the high  apathy development is a threat to the growth of electoral democracy to have a high level of apathy.


Mr.  Chipenzi said apathy in any election paves way for a dictator who would justify the dismissal or irrelevance of elections.

He said dictatorship brought in by apathy should be avoided at all costs as this country would not love to experience.


He has further called on government to fund the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ ) to embark on the continuous voter registration process in the country.

Meanwhile Anti Voter Apathy (AVAP) Executive Director Richwell Mulwani told ZANIS in a telephone interview that the apathy witnessed in yesterday’s elections was due to the fact that most voters had only  lost their voters cards but  relocated to other places.


Mr. Mulwani said most people find it difficult especially in rural areas to get a police report because of the long distance they need to cove in order to replace the lost voter’s card.

He added that long distances also make people to find it difficult to travel and cast their vote where they registered as voters.


He further said that the organisation will continue to sensitize people about the importance of voting in the country.