Use solar as alternative source of energy, citizens told

solar panel - Stock Photo

IN VIEW of power deficit, citizens have been urged to seriously take up solar as alternative source of energy to avoid being plunged into darkness when there is interruption in hydro-generated power.

Recently, Zesco Limited announced that the country should brace itself for increased load shedding as the power utility has cut out 300 megawatts of electricity due to low water levels following poor rainfall.
Germany-based company operating in Zambia Communications and Accessories International project manager Monica Magaya said this is the opportunity for citizens to utilise solar as backup to hydro generated power.


Ms Magaya said in an interview on Sunday that although the initial capital outlay is expensive, the benefits of using solar are immense in the advent of power deficit.
“Despite being clear energy, solar is dependable because it uses sunlight…We are blessed with sunshine, the sun will rise every day. There are no power cuts.


“For those in urban [area], alternative source should not fully be dependent on hydro- generated power. They can use solar power as back up,” she said.
Ms Magaya also said the use of solar could minimise pressure on the national grid.
In rural areas, most schools, clinics and households are now using solar power sourced privately or through Rural Electrification Authority, which has undertaken various projects across the country.


Communications and Accessories International Germany, which specialises in solar system in rural areas, was incorporated Zambia in 2011 and has presence in Uganda, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.