Nawakwi is a political fluke-PF


THE Patriotic Front (PF) has described Forum for Democracy and Development leader Edith Nawakwi as a political fluke who allegedly takes pleasure in distorting and misrepresenting objectivity.


In a statement issued yesterday by PF vice-chairperson for media and publicity Sunday Chanda, the party said the petition before the courts on the presidential term of office is not and will not be a project of the PF.


Mr Chanda said that the PF has it’s own legal team, and when need arises to bring matters to court, the party will make use of them.
He was reacting to Ms Nawakwi’s claims that President Lungu allegedly wants to manipulate the constitution over his term of office.


“We are not desperate for representation in the context of the said application before the courts,” he said.
“It is shameful and wishful thinking for Ms Nawakwi to allege that no such application would go to the courts without the President’s express authority,’’ he said.


Mr Chanda said President Lungu does not toy with the courts of law and neither does he manipulate the legislature.
“Besides being republican President, President Lungu is an officer of the court with great appreciation for the separation of powers,” he said.
Mr Chanda said it does not make sense for Ms Nawakwi and her allies to insist on a matter that the PF has disowned.



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  2. She is a politician ,she has to say something anyway or else her political career might expire .