Man clobbers wife after she caught him with girlfriend, losing ten teeth

Divorce Court

INSTEAD of being remorseful, a man clobbered his wife to a point of losing some of her teeth after she found him at his girlfriend’s place.
Francy Kawambe, 38, of Kalomo was brutally beaten by Ignatius Mufwindakule, 39 also of Kalomo.
She told the court that Mufwindakule told her he was travelling to Choma for work, “however, I had an instinct that he was lying and after he left home, I went to his girlfriend’s place and found him there”.
The case was heard before the Lusaka Boma Courts where Kawambe has sued Mufwindakule for divorce.

The couple have been married for six years and have three children.
Kawambe explained to senior court magistrate Miyanda Banda that when she arrived at Jane’s place, she peeped through the window and saw Mufwindakule lying on the bed. Kawambe then went into the house and what greeted her were punches from Mufwindakule.
Upon losing ten teeth, Kawambe travelled to Lusaka to seek treatment without the knowledge of her relatives based in Lusaka.

However, when her family got wind of it, the family advised Kawambe not to return to Mufwindakule in Kalomo.
“Mufwindakule is a very violent man; he has been abusing me physically and verbally, which affected me psychologically.

I want a divorce because I fear for my life. Mufwindakule is a very promiscuous man,” she said.
Kawambe, a radiographer at Kalomo hospital told the court that Mufwindakule has put passwords on his mobile phones so that she does not have access to his messages yet he has access to her mobile phone.
Mufwindakule is a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at World Vision.
Kawambe told the court that Mufwindakule and his family prevented her from informing her family about the incident.
“My family only learnt of my condition after someone from Kalomo informed them. Though I have forgiven him, I still want a divorce and custody of our children,” she said.
But Mufwindakule denied that he was an abusive husband.
“I love her and would like us to reconcile.  However, I cannot object to a divorce since that is what she wants,” he said.