Kanyama woman begs court to dissolve her marriage

Divorce Court

FED UP of her husband’s infidelity, a woman begged the Kanyama Local Court to dissolve her marriage after she found used condoms her spouse left on their bed after having sex with his lover.


Rhoda Kaoma, 22, of John Laing also told the court that her husband would sleep at home only three days in a week.
Speaking before Justices Daniel Phiri, Mukuka Ngandwe and Moses Phiri in a case where she dragged Thomas Mwachibombela, 24, also of John Liang to court for divorce. Kaoma said her husband began ill-treating her after she had her first child.


“The baby was born at eight months but my father in-law cast doubt on my husband’s mind of his paternity saying the infant must be another man’s child because it appeared full term for a premature baby,” she said.


She said because of that, her father in-law told Mwachibombela to mistreat her until she could be forced to confess that another man is the father of her baby.


Kaoma who said the two have been married since 2010 and have one child together also said Mwachibombela does not provide for his family.
When food runs out, she said, Mwachibombela instead goes and stays at his sister’s home.


The couple went on separation where Kaoma discovered she was pregnant with their second child.
Kaoma told the court that her marriage finally crumbled when Mwachibombela’s family told him to marry another woman which he did.


And in his testimony, Mwachibombela said he did not know why they always fought.
He sent the court laughing when he said, kayangati niuhule wanga olo kosamvela kwa mukazi wanga (I wonder whether the problems are due to my infidelity or my wife’s stubbornness)


When asked if they tried to involve the church to help them solve their marital disputes, he said the church only went to his home to pray in tongues but they did not interpret.
Passing judgement, Justice Ngandwe granted divorce and ordered Mwachibombela to compensate Kaoma with a fine of K5000 and K300 monthly instalments of child support.