Father sends daughter to look for young girls to have sex with

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A FATHER and a daughter usually share a strong bond but the revelations that came out from the Lusaka Boma Courts were nowhere near that as a woman narrated how her father paid her to find teenage girls for him to have sex with.
Shirrien Issa, 32, of Chelstone told the court that her father Ismail Issa, 62, accused her of stealing money she had been collecting as rentals from his tenants, prompting her to sue for defamation.


“I have brought my father to court because he has tarnished my image. How can he call me a thief when I have been managing his assets without any problems? I have been working for him and there is no way he can treat me like a dog,”she said.


Shirrien told senior court Magistrates Hildah Choonya that Issa is a very selfish man who does not care about his family.
Shirrien told the court that Issa has been spending money on his teenage girlfriends instead of caring for his own children.

“My father gives me money and sends me to look for young girls to have sex with and at one point he gave me K1,000 so that he may have sex with my cousin,” she said.


“There is a time I was very sick and needed money to undergo an operation and when I asked him for K8000 to pay for the operation costing K9,200 he did not respond,” she said.


However, Issa denied ever calling Shirrien a thief but said that he only accused her of mismanaging the money she was collecting from his tenants.


“After I discovered what she was doing, I removed her from taking charge of the property and we have not been in good books since. She was using my money without my consent,”he said.
Issa told the court that Shirrien was once arrested for having taken K18,000 rentals from would-be tenents.


“I was the one who went to pay for her release, she doesn’t appreciate whatever I do for her as a father, all she cares about is money,” he said.
The court dismissed the matter.