ZESCO electricity Exports amidst blackouts is misplaced priority – UPND

in the middle wearing glasses- ZESCO acting MD Victor Mundende
in the middle wearing glasses- ZESCO acting MD Victor Mundende

The opposition UPND says reports suggesting that the government intends to export electricity amidst continued load-shedding in the country are a sign of misplaced priorities.

The UPND is of the view even neighboring countries to which Zambia exports electricity are expected to consider the blackouts that the country has been experiencing as a national disaster.



UPND Copperbelt Provincial Women’s Chairperson Faith Mushongo says her party thinks that the blackouts that are currently being experienced need urgent attention with clear policy guidance by the President.

Ms. Mushongo has told Qfm news in a statement that her party therefore demands that President Edgar Lungu addresses the nation on the electricity supply crisis which she notes is causing damage to the already struggling Zambian economy.



She states that the current spate of load shedding is as unacceptable given the reasons that are being given.

The UPND Copperbelt Provincial Women’s Chairperson has observed that the fact that Zambia is currently exporting power to neighboring countries means low water situation cannot be used as an excuse.



She says this is especially that huge amounts of borrowed money at high interest rates were pumped into ZESCO with the view of increasing the generation capacity.

Ms. Mushongo says what is more disturbing is that even the load shedding schedule heavily publicized by ZESCO is not even followed.

She suggests that this simply shows the chaos that is going on in the country’s governance system.